Ultra-precision Diamond Turning::Diamond turning for advanced optical applications. Deep DIC::Deep learning enabled digital image correlation for robust prediction of displacement and strain fields in material testing. Structural Coloration::Our group invented elliptical vibration texturing for high-quality grating patterning for structural coloration. DPPS::Deep learning enabled photometric stereo for in-process 3D surface reconstruction. Near Field Acoustic Levitation::Vibration-induced near field acoustic force for levitation and non-contact actuation.


Welcome to the Advanced Intelligent Manufacturing Laboratory (AIM) at Northwestern University led by Prof. Ping Guo.

Our group aims to bring innovations to precision engineering by pushing the limit of precision manufacturing and expanding the boundary of intelligent metrology by deep learning-enabled computer vision technologies. We will enhance fundamental understandings of new process mechanics and principles; achieve technological advances in machine tool design and control; and explore novel applications in advanced manufacturing.