Solid-state Powder Production

Uniform metal powders are produced at high-efficinecy by collecting the discrete chips resulting from ultrasonic vibraiton machining.

This project proposes a new mechanical fabricadtion technique to generate uniform and micron-sized metal powders for additive manufacturing. By collecting discrete chips resulting from ultrasonic vibration machining, we demonstrate the feasibility of all-solid-state-production consistent powders with tight dimensional tolerance, the ability to control powder geometry, and good efficiency (Wang et al., 2024). The technique offers a new route for sustainable and low-cost manufacturing of high-quality metal powders.

The powder generation mechanism is analyzed with a special tool path design to ensure consistent dimensions over multiple cuts. An analytical model to predict the dimensions of produced powders under different cutting parameters is introduced. Aluminum and brass powders of different dimensions are produced, and the overall shear ratio that governs the deformation during the machining process is calibrated with the experimental results. The morphology consistency of produced powders is investigated over multiple hours of production, illuminating the role of tool wear on final powder shape. A high-efficiency powder collection system and a scalable solution for parallel production are proposed for the introduced technique. Additive manufacturing experiments (laser powder bed fusion) are conducted using produced A356 aluminum powders, demonstrating the printability of produced powders in additive manufacturing. The microhardness of the printed parts for five different process parameters is measured to be 45% higher than the raw material on average.



  1. solid_powder.jpg
    Yaoke Wang ,  Malachi Landis ,  Clement Ekaputra ,  Valeria Vita ,  and  Ping Guo
    Additive Manufacturing, 2024