Structural Coloration

Vibration machining generates micro/nano gratings for efficient structural coloration

Creating orderly periodic micro/nano-structures on metallic surfaces, or structural coloration, for control of surface apparent color and optical reflectivity has been an exciting research topic over the years.

This project investigates an efficient method to colorize metallic surfaces with periodic micro/nano-gratings using ultrasonic modulation cutting. When the tool vibration is coupled with a constant cutting velocity, controlled periodic ripples can be generated due to the overlapping tool trajectory. These periodic ripples with a wavelength near visible spectrum can act as micro-gratings to introduce iridescent colors.

The proposed technique also provides a flexible method for color marking of metallic (Yang et al., 2017) and silicon (Wang et al., 2021) surfaces with arbitrary patterns and images by precise control of the spacing distance and orientation of induced micro/nano-ripples (Yang & Guo, 2019) (Wang et al., 2020).

We have demonstrated the optical variable devices based on grating angle design (Guo & Yang, 2019), directionality of blazed gratings (Wang et al., 2022), and hierarchical surface structures (Wang & Guo, 2022).



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